Armour@IndoBarian (Indonesia)



This non-stop, high intensity workout is conducted by Verdy Bhawanta and trainers from Indo Barian Indonesia. Registration is free!


Date of Event: Sunday, March 26th
Time: 7:00AM - 10:00AM


(Combination movement): non-stop high intensity movements compromising of calisthenics, freeletics, crossfit, yoga, capoeira, parkour and martial arts. This exercise focuses on three important qualities of consciousness of the human body namely body (physical), mental and spiritual.


Verdy Bhawanta: He is the founder of Indo Barian Indonesia. A master parkour, expert on calisthenic movement, and also an actor, he has a strong belief for his character and can generally improve one’s quality of life both physically and mentally.  He is passionate about helping others achieve for their healthy goal.


Indo Barian Indonesia’s a community workout for young urban people in Jakarta. And now Indo Barian is almost  all over Indonesia. In Jakarta, their training is every Tuesday and Thursday at GBK pt 6 every 7:00PM. Their goal is METHOD INDOBARIAN character development is not limited in accordance with the capabilities and creativity of every practitioner. With a great desire for a change in individuals who constituted the greatest strength is love, it is expected Indobarian method being one of the world peace movement.. 

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