Conditioning Exercise w/Jeremy Ng (Malaysia)



In collaboration with Maybank Championship 2017, Under Armour MY brings you a series of Yoga and Conditioning workouts #LikeNeverBefore!


  • Suitable for beginners/intermediate
  • Dates: Thu, 9 Feb, Fri, 10 Feb, Sat, 11 Feb, Sun, 12 Feb
  • Time: 09:30AM - 10:30AM
  • Venue: Tennis Courts of Saujana Golf and Country Club. Jalan Subang, U 2, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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Conditioning exercise focuses on increasing your energy and endurance for a particular task. Essentially, the goal is to make it easier to do something, and for a longer period of time.
Although the primary adaptation to conditioning exercise seems to occur in your muscles, particularly in the early stages of exercise, conditioning exercise also works the cardiovascular system. Similarly, conditioning exercise can give tremendous improvements in sports performance: namely through increased endurance, either by giving you more energy, or making your usage of energy more efficient.


PFC is committed to create a comfortable and safe environment for people who believe in training with them.
They believe in effectiveness of functional training and uses this exercise methodology to train its clients.
Equipped with the knowledge from their master trainer, Jeremy Ng. PFC has trained national basketball athletes and golf athletes like Nicholas Fung in their facility. 
Expect a conditioning workout which helps you to perform better in the sports you are committed in.


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