Partner Yoga Workout w/Hansen Lee and Robyn Lau (Malaysia)



In collaboration with Maybank Championship 2017, Under Armour MY brings you a series of Yoga and Conditioning workouts #LikeNeverBefore


  • Suitable for beginners/intermediate
  • Venue: Tennis Courts of Saujana Golf and Country Club. Jalan Subang, U 2, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Yoga Mats will be provided

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Bring a friend along with you for this partner yoga workout curated by Hansen Lee and Robyn Lau. All of these stretches feel great, and most of them are intermediate friendly, or easily adjusted to meet the needs of each person. As an added bonus, there is even a toning benefit to this feel good partner stretching workout.
What's fun and challenging about this workout is that you really need to communicate with your partner. You can't just jump right in to the exercise and expect balance and flexibility limitations to just work themselves out - you have to talk to one another, and use feedback from both parties in order to make it work.


Well known as one of Malaysia’s male yoga icons, Hansen Lee is no stranger to the fitness and health industry. Hansen is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor with a passion for health, nutrition and fitness and loves to share his passion with others. Hansen’s dedication to yoga and movement training has made him somewhat of a role model for guys to incorporate yoga into their own training.
Together with his partner - certified Yoga teacher, Robyn Lau, they will be showing you how to start some basic stretching and cool yoga movements to help lengthen the spine and how to help your partner stretch further. 


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