National Sports Day 2017 (Malaysia)



In celebration of National Sports Day, we like to bring everyone together to join us for an outdoor workout experience @ Pavilion Main Entrance, Bukit Bintang. The workout programme will be curated and conducted by HIIT2Fit.

Enjoy 5 hours of back-to-back Lean (outdoor cycling) and Mean (HIIT circuit training) workout sessions side-by-side with Live DJ Music throughout the evening!
Participants are entitled to join two sessions at just RM 70 (22 SGD), a training kit will be provided which comes with 1 Under Armour T-shirt (worth RM129), Sanctband Active Resistance Multipack and other premium goodies.
*Slots will be allocated upon registration on event day.
*All allocations of slots are on a first come first serve basis

Workout Schedule (Lean & Mean Workout)

8:00PM to 8:30PM - Registration & Briefing
8:30PM to 9:15PM - Session 1
9:15PM to 10:00PM - Session 2
10:00PM to 10:45PM - Session 3
10:45PM to 11:30PM - Session 4
11:30PM to 12:15AM - Countdown Session
12:15AM to 12:45AM - Cool Down and Mingling Session

Workout Description (LEAN)

Lean is an innovative high energy 45-minute indoor cycling session set against inspirational lighting effects and specially curated music. Mixing the best of functional choreography and interval training, each Lean workout is designed to build lean muscle, kickstart your metabolism and burn calories all in an exhilarating environment. Ride like you stole it! 

Workout Description (Mean)

This 45-minute outdoor HIIT workout is a modification of HIIT2fit’s signature Mean HIIT workout combining cardio and strength intervals. Participants will undergo multiple intervals of HIIT movements that is designed to achieve 20-30 minutes of training at Zone 4 of your Maximum Heart Rate to improve your aerobic fitness, build lean muscle and kickstart your metabolism into “Afterburn”.

Workout Venue



HIIT2fit is Malaysia’s 1st live heart rate tracking fitness studio that offers two classes, Lean (Indoor cycling) & Mean (circuit training), incorporating HIIT in the workout program. Participants in both classes are provided a heart rate monitor to track their workout intensities providing a unique perspective in a group class environment that will inspire, motivate and challenge at both the individual and group level.


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