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Training for an upcoming run and need more tips on how to increase stamina and endurance? Participate in our running clinic and learn how to run and train the right way with our certified running coach, Paulus Pasurney!


12 November 2017 6:30am-9:00am


Running with low intensity, with focus on technique. Program will be given by Running Coach (Paulus Pasurney) and lead by UA Athelete ( Adinda Sukardi).

  • 6.30am Registration
  • 6.45am Warm up with stretching
  • 7.00am Dynamic movement & Running ABC (Agility, Balance and Coordination)
  • 7.25am Water Break
  • 7.35am Intervals with focus on acceleration 10x60m (2 sets)
  • 8.10am Endurance run 3KM
  • 8.35am Core exercise
  • 8.45am Cooling Down
  • 8.55am Sharing session
  • 9.00am End of session


About the Trainer

Paulus Pasurney

Head of Athlete Development (Pasi)

Paulus Pasurney is the head of athlete development of Indonesian Athletics Association (Pasi) and will be training the national athletics team for the upcoming ASEAN GAMES 2017 and ASIAN GAMES 2018.


Getting There

Participants are required to agree to the Waiver and Release Form at the checkout page. Please gather at SCBD District in front of Equity Tower half an hour before the event for registration.


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