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UA Run Crew is back in 2018 for the first running clinic of the year! Start your year strong with us and learn how to run and train for maximum results. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned marathoner, everyone is welcome! We will focus on specific strength exercises that will help prevent injury, improve running form and increase your strength and fitness level.


20 January 2018, 6:00AM-8:00AM


Beginner running session
Focusing the basics of running
- correct running style
- learn about the importance of specific strength training
- learn how to pacing and which is the right intensity- pace for running

  • 6:00 am Registration
  • 6.15 am Active warm up
  • 6.30 am Easy jogging (Correcting running styles)
  • 6.45 am Circuit exercise (Legs circuit + running)
  • 7.00 am Interval training and test of fitness level and endurance. (2000m tempo run with increasing pace every 400m)
  • 7.30 am Cool down
  • 7.45 am Post training session sharing
  • 8.00 am End of Session

Tips for Beginner Runners

  • Always start your training with active warm-up. The goal is to increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles. This will help prevent injuries and make your training more efficient.
  • After the active warm-up, start with very light jogging or walking for 5-10 mins.
  • Pace yourself. Better to start slow and finish strong. This will help you to pace better during the race and perform better.
  • Strength and endurance training will help you achieve a longer, injury-free running career.
  • Legs circuit training 1-2x a week (2-4 sets)
  • Create a strong foundation during the first 3-4 months through only endurance and strength training (legs circuit). Once you are stronger, you can start to add tempo / interval runs.
  • Make sure you have at least 1 day rest – recovery between training days.
  • Injuries: Should any part of your leg (knee, calf, hip, Achilles) feel sensitive or painful, stop all activity and rest. Initially, it is difficult to determine the cause, but it could be a sign that you did something wrong (improper warm up, lack of stretching, too high intensity, lack of recovery etc.) or you need to change something (running shoes, running style etc). Sometimes the pain will disappear after a few days of rest and some extra stretching and massage. If the pain continues for a few weeks, it’s better to see a specialist to solve the problem.
  • Don’t race if you're injured because there is a high chance of developing a more serious injury


Our Coach

Simon Agoston is a Hungarian-born triathlete from Austria, who competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Agoston started out his triathlon career in 1995, and has participated in over fifty competitions in Europe. His best result came at the 2000 Triathlon World University Championships in TiszaújvárosHungary, where he finished strongly in second place. At the Olympics, Agoston placed thirty-eighth in the men's triathlon with a time of 1:53:23, just five minutes behind the winner. As a coach, Simon has over 10 years of  experience and coached the Thailand National team from 2012-13.

Getting There

Participants are required to agree to the Waiver and Release Form at the checkout page.
Note to all Participants:
Event Venue: Thephasadin Stadium, 154, Rama I Rd., Pathum Wan, Pathumwan
Registration opens at 6:00AM, please arrive before 6:45AM.



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