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INNERVATE FITNESS  |  27th September, 4th & 11th October  |  7pm-830pm
Feeling unsure of how to do the workout FIGHT FOR HOPE? New to functional fitness? Then this clinic is for you as we welcome EVERYONE and ANYONE to use their fitness for a good cause!

Prepare for OBW the right way! With the guidance and support of our world class coaches here at Innervate CrossFit, get ready to work on the mechanics of the various movements and get a taste of the workout itself! Powered by our Partners Under Armour, this is a clinic not to be missed.

At just $60, you'd be entitled to the OBW registration as well as participation in one of the OBW clinics! If you've already registered for OBW, you can still sign up for the clinic at just $15 for an individual clinic.


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7pm - 715pm : Gathering / Explanation of OBW

715 - 725pm : Teaching of the Burpee and Box Jump 
725 - 8pm : Teaching station Rotations (Rotated between KBS & Push Press)
8pm - 820pm : Simulation of Fight For Hope
820pm - 830pm : Debrief and stretch down

About the Partner

At Innervate Fitness, your fundamental base of mechanics and technique are paramount. None of our athletes increase the intensity of a workout without first knowing how to do it in a safe and injury-free way. In all our programs, you will be supported by all our coaches and will be there for you every step of the way in performing this workout.
We believe that EVERYONE and ANYONE can do this! We practice and preach workouts for youths, senior citizens, and even physically disabled individuals.
Expect to be challenged and be ready to overcome the greatest hurdle - yourself.

Getting There

Participants are required to agree to a waiver form at the checkout page. Please gather at Innervate Fitness 15 minutes before the event for registration.


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