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Team UA is looking for 5 individuals (male & female) who will train together with Test of Will 2016 overall winner and UA Brand Athlete Jet Ng and represent Under Armour in the upcoming Operation Broken Wing 2016 happening at *Scape on Sat, 15 Oct!Please note:

  • Participants must agree to the waiver form at the checkout page
  • OBW Clinics are held at Innervate CrossFit, 994 Bendemeer Rd #01-04 B-Central S339943
  • Selected participants will be announced on Under Armour SEA's Facebook page on Fri, 7 Oct

About Operation Broken WingSPREADING THE WINGS OF YOUTHSOperation Broken Wing (OBW) is a regional charity event created to allow CrossFitters to engage in social good through fitness. The purpose is to bring the CrossFit community together for a meaningful cause, raising funds for the forgotten youths.Sponsors of each athlete agree on a fixed donation for each successful repetition prior to the workout. The total amount raised by an athlete thus amounts to the total reps performed multiplied by the sponsored amount per rep.For more info, please visit be eligible for selection into Team UA, participants must participate in any ONE of the following OBW clinics:OBW Clinics @ Innervate CrossFit

  1. Thurs, 22 Sep @ 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  2. Thurs, 29 Sep @ 7:00pm - 8:30pm
  3. Thurs, 6 Oct @ 7:00pm - 8:30pm

During the clinics, the trainers will identify potential candidates for Team UA via the following:Selection Criterias

  • Fitness level that will ensure that participants can last through all 3 rounds during event day safely
  • To perform all the movements efficiently and safely
  • Able to listen and respond to cues and understand the flow of the workout
  • Mental toughness; able to continue and push themselves at an intensity that is high relative to them
  • Team and community spirit; encourage one another despite being fatigued during the workout

Selection ProcessStage 1: Teaching/Execution of the Movements

  • Coordination and ability to perform these movements
  • Perform them safely at a rapid rate

Stage 2: Resposiveness During the Workout

  • Comprehension of the range of motion, respecting the judging and sequence of workout despite fatigue
  • Level of intensity and repetitions performed in the workout

PartnerInnervate CrossFit focuses on Forging Elite Lives, Making People Better. We offer a Self Defence class as well as CrossFit Classes catered to Adults, Kids and Teens as well as Senior Citizens. CrossFit is a training methodology that focuses on Practical, Functional Fitness which is constantly varied and executed at a high intensity. The training for all age groups don't differ by kind but only of intensity. We believe in enabling everyone to live their lives to the fullest potential and to do that, we emphasise not on aesthetic fitness but functional fitness.

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