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Are you a competitive runner or even just a casual runner? Come join us for a running clinic and learn how to run and train the right way among many other aspects of running.
Get the right information along with practical experience to improve your run! From the absolute beginners to the seasoned marathon runners, everybody is welcome!
We will focusing the specific running strength exercises which is very important for every runners. 
Benefit of doing these exercises:
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve running forms
  • Develop strength and fitness level


6.15 am Active warm up
6.30 am Easy jogging
6.45 am Circuit exercise
7.00 am interval training and test fitness level and endurance.
7.30 am Cool down
7.45 am Post training session 
8.00 am Session Ends

Note to all Participants:
Event Venue: Thephasadin Stadium, 154, Rama I Rd., Pathum Wan, Pathumwan
Registration opens at 6:15AM, please arrive before 6:45AM.
Training Programme

  1. 6 - 8' active warm up 
  2. 10' easy jogging warm up - correcting running styles 
  3. 25' = 3x (legs circuit exercise 3-4' + running 5-6')

Followed by:
Group A Beginners: 6 - 8' cool down jogging
Group B Advanced: 2000m tempo run - with an increased pace after every 400m is faster pace followed by a 6 - 8' cool down.
Post-training session activities:

  • How to maintain and improve fitness level
  • How to plan a weekly training (volume and intensity)
  • How to set up goals

Tips for Beginner Runners
- Always start your training with active warm up – full body – 5-7’. The goal is to get ready for the training, rise up your heart rate and warm and loosen up your muscles. Benefit of doing active warm up is prevent injuries and your training will be more efficient.
- After the active warm up start with very easy jogging or walking for 6-10’.
- Learn how to pace. Better to start at slower pace and finish strong. This will help you to pacing better during the race and perform better.
- Strength and endurance training is equally important if you want to have a long injury free running ‘’carrier’’
- X1 or x2 a week do a legs circuit training (2-4 set=8-15’)
- The first 3-4 month do only endurance and strength (legs circuit). Don’t need to do tempo runs or intervals. First you need to have a good base.
- Injuries: When is some part (knee, calf, hip, Achilles) of your leg begin to sensitive or painful at first time difficult to say what kind of injury you have. But it’s a sign of the body that you do something wrong (not enough warm up, stretching, too much intensity, lack of recovery etc.) or need to change something (running shoes, running style etc.) . Sometimes the pain is disappear within few days of rest and some extra stretching and massage. If the pain is stays for longer – few weeks – and not getting better than it’s better to find a specialist and the solution to solve the problem. Don’t race if you injured because there is a big chance to develop more serious injury and the recovery time will be longer.
- Training tips if you run x3/week and you prepare for 10km race:
Make sure you have at least 1 day rest – recovery between training days.
5-7’ active warm up exercise + 40-45’ slightly negative split Run (example if your average pace is 6:00’’/km than start at 6:25-6:30’’/km and every 5-7’ is slightly faster and finish with 5:30-5:40’’/km.
5-7’ active warm up + 5-10’ easy jogging or walking warm up 
4’ workout = 4x(1 set of legs circuit 3-4’ + 5-7’ easy run focusing the right running style / or walk if you not fit enough)
Long run: 50-75’ endurance training
-If you can’t run continues than you can mix 1-2’ walk and 1-2’ run. And the goal is every session try to do longer run and less walk. 

Our Coach

Simon Agoston (born 5 April 1977) is a Hungarian-born triathlete from Austria, who competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.[1] Agoston started out his triathlon career in 1995, and has participated in over fifty competitions in Europe. His best result came at the 2000 Triathlon World University Championships in TiszaújvárosHungary, where he finished strongly in second place. At the Olympics, Agoston placed thirty-eighth in the men's triathlon with a time of 1:53:23, just five minutes behind the winner.


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