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UA Run Crew (Thailand)

UA Running Session
Duration: September-October 10 Sessions
Get the right information along with practical experience to improve your run! From the absolute beginners to the seasoned marathon runners, everybody is welcome!
We will focusing the specific running strength exercises which is very important for every runners. 
Benefit of doing these exercises:


*Note: We note that there are some errors at the registration page which hinders participants to include their category. Our IT team is fixing it now - Meanwhile, do proceed with registrations. Our team will email you shortly to enquire the category you will be taking part in.


Women's Squad Workout @ TripleFit

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is the next level of training which keeps your body guessing and the heart pumping in a dynamic environment. The class begins with a movement based warm-up followed by a circuit consisting of a blend of bodyweight, weights, and cardio exercises. Join us and improve your conditioning for your runs!

UA Run Crew (Thailand) - Beginners Group

Are you looking to participate in your first ever race but are unsure of how to properly train for it? Fret not, UA Run Crew (Thailand) is proud to bring to you our first beginners running group of 2018! Learn basic running drills and strength training tips to help improve your running timing with us!
Race Day is in August. We have 12 weeks to prepare. Together, we will conquer it.

Sundown Marathon Bootcamp

What is the TripleFit Sundown Marathon Bootcamp?

The 'TripleFit Sundown Marathon Bootcamp' is a series of complimentary workout classes that will aid in the preparation of the Sundown Marathon during the weekend of the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC). Powered and led by TripleFit's top-notch coaches, the 'TripleFit Sundown Marathon Bootcamp' will help you get stronger, faster, or more stretched out as a lead up to the Sundown Marathon!

Team Event

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